Holiday Guest

Cold weather could bring in the kind of guest you don't want

Mike Lucas

11/25/20221 min read

When winter and the holidays roll in so do many unwanted guests. No, I'm not talking about the relatives although there might be a few of those. Pest want out of the cold just like the rest of us. They may be looking for resources that the cold weather limits or just a little warmth. Spiders, ants and rodents are just a few of the pest that may enjoy your company. If they find the resources to survive inside, then they may multiply and thrive inside. If you see signs or even suspect, you have unwanted guest don't hesitate to eradicate. It won't take long for a small problem to become a costly one.

A line of defense is the best offence. Excluding is a process of using a wide variety of products to block as many entry points as possible. It may include putting in screens around vents and pipes, caulking around doors, windows and eves, putting in a copper mesh in weep holes and using expanding foam for larger openings. Obviously keeping them out of the house is the first priority to not needing evasive work on the inside.