Bed Bug Buddies

Bedbugs can cause a bedtime nightmare

Mike Lucas

11/26/20221 min read

You are not going to see a bedbug crawl from your neighbor's house. You usually get them from some place you have been visiting or from a visitor. Remember as you travel, especially in motels to leave your luggage in the car. Only take in what you need to minimize the chances of contact with bugs. Putting your daily change of clothes in zip lock bag and only taking them out when needed will keep them safer. Put your dirty clothes back into the bags would lock them up if they got on them during the night. Only take them out when you are ready to wash them. This is also a great space saver and organizer.

You should also check for bedbugs. They will not be out in the open. In places where you are staying the night check under the sheets, in seams, around tags, baseboards, and frames. Their fecal will look like ink stains from a black pen, but I wouldn't pay much attention to that. They could be old stains and the bedbugs exterminated, or the bedbug may have gotten there from the customer just before you and there be no signs. When you get home check your luggage thoroughly and wash and dry everything on high heat immediately.

If you think you have a bedbug don't wait until you are infested, and the job is more expensive. Most pest companies will come out and do a free inspection. Though they are not 100% fool proof, the tech will know what they are looking for and find them easier than you.

There is a number of good products that you can get to do the job yourself, but you need to do your homework. You can easily do damage to you and your loved ones while doing nothing to the bedbug. ALWAYS FOLLOW THE LABLE. I know this is coming from a pest control professional but leaving it to the professionals is always the better choice. There are plenty of companies out there. Shop around and find a good one that will back their service.

Have a good night and don't let the bedbug bite